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To better people’s lives and be a force for good in the world.

ASEA Supplement and RENU 28

After many doctors and dermatologist appointments and hours of searching online for natural health remedies for recurring respiratory challenges and skin conditions for my husband. It was recommended by a friend to try out the ASEA Supplement and RENU 28 after getting a lot of positive reviews. We decided to give these products a try and found after a number of weeks of drinking the ASEA supplement and nebulising with same while also using RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel for the skin condition and with daily use, that they were indeed very successful.

After using these products for six months with fantastic results, I carried out due diligence on the company and then travelled to Oslo to meet with the owners of ASEA and I decided there and then to become a registered independent associate and now I am recommending these products to everybody.

ASEA is a global corporation and the only company in the world with patented technology that provides native, stabilized REDOX signalling molecules to the cells of your body. ASEA is a growing direct sales phenomenon born from the vision, passion and Fortune 500 experience of company founder Verdis Norton. Whether providing a business opportunity, an avenue to optimal health, or a path to personal growth the people of ASEA strive to succeed and to enhance the lives of everyone around them.

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Product Reviews

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Please see below the many product reviews from people using both ASEA Renu Advanced and ASEA Supplement

Rebekah Tart Wiens In July it was discovered that I had a problem in my brain – a bulging artery – that could potentially cause fatal bleeding if it ruptured. My neurosurgeon said, “This is a very bad problem in a very bad place. The procedure to correct it is very risky. Many things can go wrong, but you don’t have any other option.” I had successful emergency surgery to restrict and divert blood flow. There was no explanation as to why the vessel had not ruptured. The size of the bulge was 22 mm (almost 1 inch), described in the medical record as “giant.” As a research-minded nurse, I’ve scoured many sources for information about such a condition – causes, treatments, outcomes, survival rates, etc. Not a lot of data exists regarding artery bulges of this size. As my surgeon said when asked about survival statistics when a problem of this size develops, “Don’t know, 50% are dead before then.” I believe I serve a BIG God and am daily grateful for His protection. However, while researching rupture versus non-rupture, among other variables, including size (many rupture at 4, 5, 6, 7 mm), the one common factor consistently referred to was the degree of inflammation present in the affected’s body. The greater the degree of inflammation, the greater the risk of rupture. I believe 3 years of daily using redox signaling molecules contributed to the integrity of my arterial vessels. As one doctor said, “May you never know what you prevent!” Thank you ASEA! Source –

Rebekah Tart Wiens

I am fitness instructor and a nutritional Therapist. I now have no pain after many years of a dull ache in my lower back, my flexibility and endurance level has also been improved. My stress levels are much less. I feel so much brighter and I have noticed improvement in my muscle and skin tone.

Karen (49), Bothwell

Product Reviews I have a condition that leaves me Chronically Fatigued. I have been taking ASEA for 6 months. I now have more energy, no brain fog, much calmer and my hormones have balanced resulting in no more PMT symptoms, my sleep quality is also much better. ASEA has worked wonders and I would recommend it to anyone with health challenges.

Moira, 46, North Lancashire

Having severe backache and inflammation I was prescribed medication for same. On taking this medication on day two I found myself getting quite itchy and on day three I had a severe allergic reaction with itch and rash. Having further skin and blood tests I was put on a different type of medication only to find this didn’t help either. I tried a few natural products and found these didn’t help much. While visiting a nursing home a lady recommended RENU 28 to me. I hadn’t heard of this before and was happy to be recommended to a person who could supply me with this. On using the RENU 28 gel for the first time I immediately found the itch was easing and I used it three times a day for the first three days and thereafter twice a day. After seven days I am completely clear of itch and rash.  It really works and I would like to thank Margaret for a great customer experience and recommend her and the ASEA products to anybody wishing to use them.

Zita Turiene, Co Louth

After having liver surgery two years ago and with lots of different medicines etc to take I was feeling very unwell and tired all the time. Trying to better myself after coming off medication I tried many different products to help me get back on my feet again. Then a friend told me about ASEA and I looked to see where I could get it. I found a supplier and started drinking the recommended amount every day but after four or five days I felt some discomfort and then remembered what I was told at the time of purchase which was that I may experience this as it is the body getting rid of junk. I continued on the ASEA drink and after about eight days I started to feel a lot better and I knew then that the ASEA drink was starting to cleanse my organs and had a positive improvement on my health in many ways. I continue to drink ASEA so as to function at my peak and I’m glad to have found it.

James McArdle, Northern Ireland

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Chuck Grijalva – ASEA

DISNEYLAND. I can’t believe we are here. 3 years ago this month our family was in a very dark place. Chuck and I were still at the University of Washington almost 2 months after so many complications due to a horrific tongue cancer ...

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Judy Walden Camacho

Last year, I was diagnosed with a condition which caused painful inflammation in my feet and up into my thighs from time to time. They were swollen about 80% of the time, and when they were swollen, it was painful to walk. After ...

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Paula Loges

Remember me? I’ve posted before about my journey with breast disease….that started 6 1/2 years ago with surgery to remove the abnormal cells. At that time I refused the traditional treatments, and my specialist gave us hours of statistics explaining what could happen ...

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ASEA Healthy Self – Carlee Liebhart

ASEA Healthy Self Hello. I’m Carlee Liebhart, and this is my miraculous brain injury ASEA story. I was born with a birth defect that went undetected and misdiagnosed until my mid-fifties. After years of being plagued by various health issues such as chronic headaches, ...

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