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ASEA Healthy Self

Hello. I’m Carlee Liebhart, and this is my miraculous brain injury ASEA story. I was born with a birth defect that went undetected and misdiagnosed until my mid-fifties. After years of being plagued by various health issues such as chronic headaches, ear and mastoid bone infections, sinus infections, vertigo, allergies, low-grade fevers, endocrine and hormonal imbalances, muscle and joint pain, nothing prepared me for the truth of my condition. My quest for wellness has been a lifelong journey. This included several modalities of therapy such as: acupuncture, intravenous chelation, bio-oxidative and blood irradiation therapies as well as a clean, organic whole foods diet. I filled my body with whole food supplements and changed for a while to a vegan, raw food diet. I tried structural integration/rolfing for pain and posture and have been a long-time recipient of chiropractic care which included muscle testing, saliva testing etc. I purchased a Champion juicer, an infrared sauna, an ionic foot bath, ozone air purifier and a water distiller. I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer and used bioidentical hormone therapy. I NEVER achieved complete wellness!

Then, two years ago at the age of 56, my neuro-skull surgeon discovered I had a rare brain and skull anomaly associated with an undiagnosed birth defect. My skull had never completely developed. I have thin areas of skull and no Petrous bone over my inner ear to protect it causing facial nerve damage and pain. Eventually my brain fell through my skull into my left ear. It filled my middle ear, deformed my Eustachian Tube and was lying on top of my inner ear. According to previous diagnostics it had lain there for at least 2 years misdiagnosed and possibly many more years. Immediate surgery was required. Once the surgeon made an incision, my skull was so fragile, it broke off in his hands leaving a titanium mesh under my brain and a titanium plate above my ear replacing my skull. When he attached the plate, one of the screws went through my skull causing a brain bleed. The screw remains lodged there.

I’m a rehabilitation counselor by vocation. Prior to surgery I knew the implications of a traumatic brain injury, yet I was unprepared for what followed. My functional capacities became the functional limitations of a moderately brain injured person overnight. I could barely put a sentence together and my friends would have to finish my sentences for me. I could no longer read more than a paragraph. I was frustrated and developed chronic anxiety, depression, suicidal ideology and experienced a disconnect from life and even from myself. I had issues with short term memory, focus, retention, comprehension, processing information, emotions and processing speed. I could no longer easily engage with others and avoided contact with groups due to sensory issues and the inability to follow more than one conversation at a time. I had to quit my job and sell my home. One year post surgery I had made little progress and I was desperate! I kept thanking God for an answer. I never gave up! My answer came in the form of Bonnie Rogers who shared the miraculous power of redox cell signaling molecules. Within 10 to 14 days of using the molecules, I noticed an increase in my energy level, improved vocabulary retrieval, deeper sleep and fewer sensory issues. Dizziness caused by my scar tissue disappeared with the use of Renu 28, and my surgeon kept asking me what I had done because my surgery site was softer and much smaller due to a significant decrease in inflammation! He kept telling me I would experience hearing loss, but my hearing remains intact! I could go on and on! My body and brain continue to heal. My surgeon calls me his “walking miracle.” My case is being taught as a rarity at the Baylor Medical Center in Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx. I should be six feet under, but I’m alive and thriving! My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude! I owe everyone I meet an encounter with these amazing molecules!