Chuck Grijalva – ASEA

DISNEYLAND. I can’t believe we are here. 3 years ago this month our family was in a very dark place. Chuck and I were still at the University of Washington almost 2 months after so many complications due to a horrific tongue cancer surgery. It’s actually pretty surreal that I have those memories pop up

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Judy Walden Camacho

Last year, I was diagnosed with a condition which caused painful inflammation in my feet and up into my thighs from time to time. They were swollen about 80% of the time, and when they were swollen, it was painful to walk. After just 3 short weeks of drinking Asea, the swelling has totally disappeared.

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Paula Loges

Remember me? I’ve posted before about my journey with breast disease….that started 6 1/2 years ago with surgery to remove the abnormal cells. At that time I refused the traditional treatments, and my specialist gave us hours of statistics explaining what could happen if I didn’t follow his recommendations. I recently found the notes he’d

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