“I can’t believe you are still alive!”

My name is Chuck Grijalva and I started using Asea in June 2013, basically to get Kathryn A. my up line sponsor to be quiet and quit pestering me about this “water” she was taking. She knew some of my medical history (severe respiratory issues and autoimmune conditions as well as stroke) and wanted to

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Health Coach and Veteran Shawn Burke

Redox signaling weaves the fabric of one of the most fundamental cell communication networks that exist in nature.  We have examined, in this blog, how cell communication networks coordinate and orchestrate the activities of life on the cellular level for all types of life on earth.  When redox signaling networks are working, living tissue can

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RENU 28:  Day 0 – Day 6  – Day 20 

RENU 28 perhaps the most impactful topical gel, ever brought to market. Here is a gentleman who had a challenge with his pancreas, that was clearly being reflected in his appearance. The photos above show dramatic improvement after only 6 and 20 days. He is now drinking ASEA and subsequently after being off work for

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