January 24, 2019 / by admin / No Comments

DISNEYLAND. I can’t believe we are here. 3 years ago this month our family was in a very dark place. Chuck and I were still at the University of Washington almost 2 months after so many complications due to a horrific tongue cancer surgery. It’s actually pretty surreal that I have those memories pop up on my FB feed and here we are 3 years later.

PRAYER. ASEA. PRAYER. ASEA. Is the reason we are here today. I am so grateful for those amazing redox molecules that have allowed Chuck healing and to keep going. Life is not perfect. We have our daily health challenges. Last night he injured himself getting off the bobsled on the Matterhorn ride after a day of a lot of difficult walking. When you have Pulmonary Fibrosis and a histroy of Stroke, one cannot run to the next ride. It requires this family to stop frequently so that Chuck can catch his breath and rest while everone else goes ahead. Likely he will drink extra ASEA and we will be looking at renting a scooter for our next day there lol.

He wouldn’t complain or mention any of this to anyone. He never does. So I will. Today will likely be a rest day. I think we saw maybe a third of the park yesterday. That’s OK. 3 years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed we would EVER see the park with Chuck.